and 7 odd Chernobyl stories

Chernobyl Liquidators' Health
as a Psycho-Social Trauma


'What does Chernobyl mean - for you personally?' 'Personally - Chernobyl is a small episode of my biography. And at the same time - it is an important, interesting, really unique material. And I work with this material as an artist (writer, scriptwriter), and as a scientist-researcher.'

(From interview with Sergii MIRNYI)

       Sergii MIRNYI was a commander of radiation reconnaissance platoon in Chernobyl in 1986. Now he is a writer and scriptwriter, and an internationally known expert in the Chernobyl Disaster and mitigation of ecological-social disasters.
       He is an author of books WORSE THAN RADIATION and 7 odd Chernobyl stories (Budapest: Bogar Kiado, 2001), Chernobyl liquidators health as a psycho-social trauma (Budapest: Bogar Kiado, 2001), HUZHE RADIATSII. Povest', rasskazy [Worse than radiation. Novella, stories] (Kharkov: Karavella, 2001), several dozen artistic and scientific publications, presentations at international conferences, numerous pieces in international massmedia.
       He received an award at Kinostsenariy (Filmscript) Magazine Competition (Moscow, '97) for a literature version of his screenplay about Chernobyl.

: M.Opalev
Studio ARWIS  Kharkov, 2001

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