Chernobyl Liquidators' Health
as a Psycho-Social Trauma

List of Abbreviations

ARS — acute radiation sickness
DE — dyscirculatory encephalopathy
GAS — general adaptation syndrome
OS — occupational stress
PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder
VD — vegetative dystonia
USSR — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1922—1991)

Information about Illusrtations

       All illustrations are taken from the collection of International Museum-Gallery of Post-Chernobyl Poster and Graphics “4th BLOCK” (Kharkov, Ukraine).
       The photos and drawing were made by Oleg Veklenko in May 1986 at the Chernobyl NPP, in the town of Prypjat, and in the military camp (35 km to the south from the NPP). The Liquidator. Poster of Olexij Abramenko (Ukraine).


       This book would have been impossible without:

George Soros
Edward Bellinger
Irina Herczeg, Matthew Wilkinson, Kriszta Szabados, Tanya Munroe
Ruben Mnatsakanian, Diana Urge-Vorsatz, Zoltan Szocs
Mikhail Kreslavsky
Mikhail Opalev
Sergei Amirazjan
Charles Levenstein
Oleg Cherp
Alla Baeva
Oleg Veklenko
and Anna Yastrzhembska.

       I am really very grateful to all of them.

       The work has been done in 1996—2000 during the period of my study, research and lecturing at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy of the Central European University, founded in Budapest by George Soros, and of my fellowship at the Open Society Archives (former Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe Archives) of the University. I am very grateful to the Department (and especially to the Dean and supervisor of this study Prof. Edward Bellinger), the Archives (and especially to their Academic Director Prof. Istvan Rev), and to the University in general for creative, stimulating and supportive atmospere; this work can be justly regarded as a product of this atmospere.

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