Chernobyl Liquidators' Health
as a Psycho-Social Trauma

Sergii Mirnyi in the summer of 1986 served in the Chernobyl Zone as a radiation reconnaissance platoon commander. “For courage and heroism” he received formal thanks from the Deputy Commander of Kiev Military District.
Now he is an internationally known expert in Chernobyl and eco-social aspects of disasters. In particular, he was invited to the European Parliament for a discussion of the prospective radiation protection standards of the European Union (Brussels, 1998), was the starting expert witness at the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Session Chernobyl: Environmental, Health and Human Rights Implications (Vienna, 1996), participated as an expert in Chernobyl at Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (Ankara, 1993), and took part in conferences dedicated to the mitigation of disasters (in particular, the Chernobyl and Tisza River Disasters), and to teaching environmental sciences and policy in the universities.
       Since 1996 he works on the Chernobyl Disaster and its consequences at the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department of the Central European University in Budapest and at the Open Society Archives (former Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Archives) of the University.
       He is a cofounder of and the deputy director on science for the International Museum-Gallery of Post-Chernobyl Poster and Graphics 4th BLOCK (Kharkov, Ukraine), the unique collection of more than 2000 posters and graphic works of world's-top artists from 50 countries.
       Sergii MIRNYI is a writer and scriptwriter. His Chernobyl stories have been broadcast by BBC Radio and Radio Liberty, published and accepted for publication in popular science and literature magazines of Russia and the USA. He received an award at Kinostsenariy (Filmscript) Magazine Competition (Moscow, '97) for his novella as the literature basis for a feature film about Chernobyl.

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