Chernobyl Liquidators' Health
as a Psycho-Social Trauma

2.6. Conclusion

       There are substantial indications that an important share (possibly, the majority) from the estimated total number within 0.6—0.9 million of the people who mitigated the Chernobyl Disaster, working in the Chernobyl zone in 1986—1990, so-called “liquidators”, received radiation doses considered to be insufficient to produce classic, clear-cut radiation injuries.
       That is why further I will raise the following question: Can the observed health state of the Chernobyl liquidators be explained by non-radiation harmful factors of the Chernobyl Disaster, and within frameworks, different from that of direct radiation injury?
       In order to answer this question, first I need to review the health of the liquidators, as it is reported in literature.

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