Chernobyl Liquidators' Health
as a Psycho-Social Trauma

2. Chernobyl liquidators in the Chernobyl zone: Radiation and non-radiation circumstances

       The aim of this chapter is limited to the following points, relevant to the main objective of this study — analysis of the health state of the liquidators and its possible causes:
       1. To clarify meanings of terms which will be used in the research.
       2. To clearly define Chernobyl liquidators.
       3. To outline non-radiation circumstances and harmful factors of the liquidators' work and stay in the Chernobyl zone.
       4. To discuss the liquidators' irradiation dose along with ways of its representation.
       5. To define an ideal, “model” object of this study — the liquidator, to whom all said in this research is applied without reservations, — and to assess the expected number of the Chernobyl liquidators fitting the definition.

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