and 7 odd Chernobyl stories

For almost a decade Sergii MIRNYI was a playwright for a semi-professional comic theatre based at the School of Chemistry of Kharkov State University.
Exactly these two traits — wit of humourist and shrewdness of chemist — make his Odd Chernobyl Stories a reading both grossly entertaining and powerfully enlightening.
Not to mention that it is a reading enthralling: these world’s-most-famous-disaster’s stories are about the unimaginable adventures and experiences of military radiation recce men — the author and his mates — in the core of the Chernobyl Zone several month after the explosion.
The stories were published in the magazine of modern literature Kontrapunkt (Boston, USA), broadcast by BBC Radio and Radio Liberty, translated into English, Hungarian and Slovak languages.
       The novella Worse Than Radiation received an award at Kinostsenariy (Filmscript) Magazine Competition (Moscow ’97) as a literature basis for a feature film about Chernobyl.

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